About Me (Gigi Brake)

Gigi Brake, AKA Luz Herminia Ramos, AKA Luz Ramos Brake. I was born in the Philippines, the youngest and 7th child in a middle class home. We were all university educated except for our sister Christine who had Down’s syndrome. My father was a commercial airline pilot which allowed us to travel to different parts of the world from a young age. I have loved art since I was little, and can still recall drawing horses with hats based on cartoons we watched on TV. I went to University in Manila and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and majored in visual communication. I dabbled in animation, painting, and graphic design and had free­lance jobs doing murals and logos. My mother also commissioned me to make large paintings for display around the family house. I worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist and layout artist in the Philippines and as illustrator and infographic artist in Singapore before becoming a manager of a finance company when I took over from my father, who was one of the company’s board members and officer and who had suddenly taken ill. I had two children at a young age and now have two adorable grandchildren. I met my Aussie husband in 2006 in the Philippines and after many years of long distance romance finally tied the knot and moved permanently to Mackay in 2012. I am happy about the growing art scene in Mackay and intend to have more people see my works through this site.